Our apricots are deliciously moist and sweet, and full of natural goodness. You won’t find anything artificial here- no preservatives or added sulphites. They’re bursting with health-giving nutrients, including iron and 100% of the recommended dietary intake of vitamin A!

Ceres Organics Sundried Apricots are ready to eat as a healthy snack. They’re also great added to hot or cold cereals, or used in baking. Alternatively, for a great smoothie addition, soak dried apricots in water in a covered container overnight.


我們的杏子美味滋潤,甜美,充滿天然 美味。豐富鐵和入維生素A 沒有任何人造的東西 , 沒有防腐劑或添 加亞硫酸鹽。 可以作為一個健康的零食吃。 他們也可 以添加到熱或冷穀物,或用於烘烤。

Ceres Organics - Sun-driedApricots 350g