At Ceres Organics we like our food wholesome and pure. So our RAW dates are sourced from the best organic farms in Tunisia, where they grow under a dry tropical sun and in rich, fertile soils. They’re carefully selected at the peak of ripeness, then hand pitted, ensuring only the highest quality. Our dates contain no preservatives or added sulphites – they’re simply real food from nature. With high levels of dietary fibre, and a delectable soft caramel flavour, Ceres Organics RAW Pitted Dates make a tasty and nutritious snack, and are great in baking or RAW desserts.


我們的棗來自突尼斯最好的有機農場, 在乾旱的熱帶太陽和豐富的肥沃的土壤 下種植。 他們在成熟的高峰期精心挑選 ,確保只有最高的質量。 不含防腐劑或加入的亞硫酸鹽 具有高水平的膳食纖維和美味的焦糖味 ,營造出美味而營養的小吃,用在烘烤 或甜點上都很棒。

Ceres Organics -Raw Pitted Dates 250g