At Ceres Organics we believe in the power of ‘real’ plant based ingredients. So we’ve enlivened single origin RAW cacao powder from family operated farms in the Dominican Republic with RAW maca powder, warming spices and pure coconut sugar. No ‘nasty’ refined sugars, fillers or preservatives. Just the good stuff! |For a cup, mix one tablespoon of Enlivened Cacao Drink with just enough hot water to form a paste, then top with your favourite hot milk. Stir well. Also makes a delicious smoothie. Simply blend 1-2 tablespoons with your favourite milk and a frozen banana.

Ceres有機可可飲品採用有機可可粉和有 機椰子糖,另加入有機馬卡粉,肉桂, 薑和海鹽混合,製成美味可口又健康的 可可飲料。

不含添加劑,填充劑,防腐劑或精製白 糖。

Ceres Organics - Enlivened Cacao Drink 250g